Caitlyn Jenner Cannot Be Courageous Because Other People Already Are

Since there are already courageous people in the world, like firefighters, police officers, athletes with cancer (and let’s not forget the troops), Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner cannot be courageous.  As we all know, courage is a limited commodity, and once used up, it’s gone.  Much like that gold stuff in the film Noah.

LGBT folks have just got to get used to the fact that coming out doesn’t count as being courageous.  Sorry.  It’s a fact.  Opening yourself up to a life of ridicule, losing your jobs, getting beaten up, hospitalized, and shunned by your religious and social communities just for admitting who you are simply does not count as being courageous.  It’s as simple as that.

Did you know that there are people fighting for our freedoms out there?  Fighting everyday to protect your right to come out, to be who you are, and to live a happy life free of tyranny?  So knock it off with coming out, being who you are, and trying to live a life free of tyranny.  Or at least, stop allowing other people to call doing so courageous.  It makes the rest of us uncomfortable.

And Vanity Fair! Shame on you!  How could you put Caitlyn Jenner on your cover when there are other courageous people in the world?  What a total non-story that a man who was once toted at the world’s greatest athlete, who won the decathlon, and appeared on one of the most watched reality shows on TV ever, decided to be brave enough to embrace who he felt he was and come out as a transgender woman?  What message does that send to all of those people, cowering in fear of recrimination and rejection by their family and friends, if you blatantly salute a very public figure for doing the same?  Disgusting.

There are courageous people.  But they do very courageous, physical, STRAIGHT things.  This gay stuff cannot be courageous because we live in a black and white society who is afraid of anything to do with pee-pee parts.

This is, without a doubt, one of the stupidest arguments I have ever heard and witnessed on social media.

Caitlyn, you ARE courageous.  As is anyone who takes a step out of the dark and into the light, even if the light is the scariest place to be.  Even if the light, unlike when we were children, is where the monsters are.

You are all courageous, and so are firefighters.  So are police officers.  So are the troops.  So are people living with cancer.

Courage comes in many forms, and if you don’t understand that, then there are dozens of children’s books out there that will help you with that.  If only Colorado would now ban bigotry, we could all live there, get stoned, and admire each other’s clothes.

Rock on, my LGBT brothers and sisters.

Rock on.

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