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(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay

About Craig Norton Psychotherapy

We are all strong and resilient.

Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit, but it's there all the same.

I love people.

Before I became a therapist I had the fortune to live in different countries, learn new languages, and meet people from all walks of life.

Every path I've taken towards becoming a psychotherapist has helped me understand people in a more meaningful way.

I live to hear other people's stories.

Who are they, where do they come from, what gives them hope, what causes them stress, what brings them joy, what brings them anxiety, and how does all of this contribute to their mental health?

My passion is listening to others and helping them gain a new perspective about who they are.

There are many words that describe what we are going through.

Anxiety, stress, a life transition, ADHD, procrastination, worry.

There are many words we use to describe psychotherapy.

Mental health counselling, talk therapy, active listening. 

Whatever words we use they all point in the same direction: holding a space for someone to have their story heard.

Through therapy, I help others find the strength and resilience that exists in them.

If you are ready to understand yourself a little better, to go from stuck to unstuck, I encourage you to reach out.

If you have been considering a psychotherapist or mental health counsellor, I encourage you to reach out.

Sometimes, it just takes meeting the right person who is willing to listen to what you have to say.

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