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Internal Family Systems Therapy

IFS is a non-pathologizing and evidence-based approach used by psychotherapists to help their clients get to know themselves better. Developed by psychologist Richard Schwartz in the 1980s, the Internal Family Systems model conceives of each individual as having multiple sub-personalities or “Parts”. This is true for every human being – we are made up of a complex system of protective and wounded parts led by a core Self. Just like our external families are made up of parts – parents, siblings, grandparents, and so on – our internal family systems are made up of parts, too.


The IFS model is a nonjudgmental approach to therapy. An IFS therapist does not analyze, challenge, or try to change a client’s behaviours. Instead, clients access their parts and heal them from through discovery and inner connection.


This has an incredible effect of improving clients’ lives on the outside, too. As we understand ourselves in a deeper and more connected way, we relate to the people in our lives differently and less reactively.

To learn more about Internal Family Systems Therapy, click here.

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