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Scattered Minds Cover.png

Gabor Maté, MD

A fantastic resource for anyone who wants to understand what ADHD is (and isn’t), how it affects a person, why a person might develop ADHD in the first place, and how it can be treated. 


An overview of ADD (ADHD), Gabor Maté debunks common myths about ADHD, and clarifies that ADHD is not just a childhood condition but something that affects people of all ages. Intertwining his own journey with ADHD experiences with clinical observations, Maté provides readers with unique insights into the disorder. 


Central to Scattered Minds is the idea that there is no single factor that results in the development of ADHD. While there is certainly a genetic component, Maté emphasizes the role of the individual’s environment, particularly early childhood experiences. He details how stressful environments and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have profound effects on a child's developing brain, including parental stress.


Dr. Maté advocates for a more comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment. This goes beyond just medication to include addressing the emotional, physical, and environmental factors that may contribute to ADHD. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing environments, understanding individual needs, and building strong, supportive relationships.


The latter part of the book offers guidance and strategies for those with ADD and their families. This includes advice on managing symptoms, understanding oneself better, and creating an environment conducive to healing and growth.

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